Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Workshop and Conference Schedule for MOGS 2018

Madurai Obstetrics & Gynecological Society (MOGS) is conducting its Silver Jubilee Conference on November 30th, December 1st & 2nd at Madurai Courtyard Marriott. All Gynecologists, Obstetricians, Lap surgeons and other significant healthcare professionals are cordially invited to attend the conference.


MOGS is conducting a Live Fetal Medicine Workshop on November 30th, 2018. Many honorable speakers present their focused speeches on various topics. On December 1st and 2nd again many subject experts are invited to deliver their decisive speeches. We are sure the MOGS conference will definitely improve the skill and knowledge of the budding OBGs.

[Check out workshop schedule: www.obgysilverjubileeconmdu2018.com/scientific-programs/workshop-schedule

Conference schedule: www.obgysilverjubileeconmdu2018.com/scientific-programs/conference-schedule]



Let us look into some of the Topics here:

Management of complications in Monochorionic twins: The Monochorionic Twins run with the highest complication risk and one fetus depends on the other since the vascular anastomoses in the common placenta. Diagnosis of MC twin pregnancy complications is greatly dependant on Ultrasonography. The management would be largely dependent on the sonographic guide procedures. The topic is delivered by Dr. Anita Kaul.

Postdated Pregnancy: Post-dated/Post-Term pregnancy is defined as a pregnancy that is carried out longer than 42 weeks where 40-weeks gestation is considered as normal. As the postdated pregnancy is connected with both maternal and fetal health complications, doctors usually do everything to deliver the infant as close to the due date as possible, sometimes the labor may be induced. Dr. N. Sahana delivers the speech in the topic on the Conference Schedule first day.

Preventing still births: When a baby dies after 24 weeks of pregnancy, i.e. before she/he is born is termed as still birth. The causes of stillbirth is still unknown, Regular antenatal checkups, smoking cessation, stopping alcohol consumption, sleeping either on left or right side, taking proper supplementation, monitoring the baby’s movements will help in avoiding stillbirths. Dr. Sanjay Das shares his experience and knowledge in the topic.

Steroids in pregnancy: Expectant mothers may take steroids with the doctor’s advice for pre-existing diseases such as lupus, asthma, multiple sclerosis. Steroids are prescribed when the doctor feels the woman may go for a pre-term labor. In such cases, the steroids help the baby’s brain, lung to mature quickly. Dr. Jesima delivers her speech and elucidates the fear of steroids.

Thus, the workshop and conference schedule for medical conference 2018 in Madurai culminates here and hope all the participants will bag a detailed knowledge about all the topics delivered by the dignitaries.


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